Sunday, February 7, 2010

59 Squadron converted to 59 Independent Commando Squadron, carrying forward the Squadron Infrastructure.
59 Squadron existed with:
1, 2, & 3 Troops, Support Troop, Squadron Headquarters and REME LAD.

Commando Training was started in 1970, mainly volunteers intially.
By early 1971, an extra Troop was required, to support 45 Commando RM. These were drawn from BAOR volunteers, presently undertaking the Commando training, this troop became Condor Troop. Based in Arbroath with 45 Commando RM.

2 Troop, which became known as Malta Troop, was the next fully Commando Troop.

Initially, the volunteers who formed the first two troops, had to forsake their original Trades, to cover Combat Engineers roles, to fulfill the Troop quoters.
Later, the Squadron could become more selective in their choices of men and trades.
Filing roles such as Clerks, became difficult.
Those who had served with 59 Fd Sqn and did not want to become Cdo, were posted out.
As more volunteered for the RE Cdo Course, the failure rate on the Beat-up at 29 Cdo RA, became alarmingly high.

There was no set schedule to become Fully Green Beret.
The Squadron moved as fast as possible, to get as many through the Cdo Course.
By December 1973, over 95% of the Squadron was Green Beret, all Blue Beret had been shed and the Squadron went 'light' by the 5%.
Getting REME and ACC through the Cdo course was extremely difficult, so the Squadron had to retain those un-willing to do the Cdo Course.

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