Friday, January 1, 2010

Seaton Barracks

When Joe Hogan arrived in Plymouth Railway Station, he phoned the Squadron to ask for transport and was promptly told "It is only a short run to the base - DO NOT be late for Parade", he has never forgotten his Welcome to 59 Indep Cdo sqn RE!!

On arrival at Block 6 in Seaton Barracks, he had just enough time to change into his Boots / Denims and Red Vest, leave his kit in the Block entrance and run to the Parade Ground, then straight off on his first run round Looseliegh, accompanied by:

Mick Melia - later a Welder in Sp trp - he died at Goose Green with H. Jones.
Brummy Buchan - later a Driver with MT - he died in a car accident.
Steve (Taff) Stokoe - later 1 Trp
Alan Kearns - later MT in Sp Trp
Chalkie White - later Sp Trp
Joe Stoddart - later 2 Trp - he was WO1 on the course, later Diving School.
Peter Berladyn - later 1 Trp - he died in car accident.
Peter (Jock) Smith - later MT
Ginge ??? - he failed the course
Benyon Stocken - REME Wksps

The Beat-up staff at Crownhill Fort was:

Sgt Jock Gray and L/Cpl Geordie Wilkinson.

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  1. The Smith on the course was Ian Smith who became a plant op and later went to Condor troop as he was from Arbroath....I believe the Ginge may have been SSgt Ginge Wickham..didn't know about the death of Pete Berladyn.(RIP) I recall there was also an American Marine on the course..(Major) I think...